Friday, January 1, 2010

Best Vacation Ever

Happy 2010 everyone! We had a quiet-ish New Year’s celebration at home with Lydia and our friends Carissa and Lisa. We had a great time goofing off and playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. Hope your celebrations were full of fun and friends too.

More important (yes, even more important than the new year) is our trip to Maine. Before I tell you all about our trip, let me try to explain why this trip was so important to me.

When my dad was still in high-school, he joined a singing group at Black Rock led by a wonderful man by the name of Roy Williams. Roy became my dad’s mentor and when my dad and mom got married, Roy and his wife Flo became good friends and amazing supporters of my parents. They live on a farm in Maine. There isn’t a year of my life that we didn’t go and spend time with them there. It is like a second home to our family. They live in an old farmhouse and there’s a barn outside where my sisters and I would spend hours playing. Our favorite game was some rendition of “Little House on the Prairie”, especially since they had a working water pump. It is my favorite place in all the world, with two of my favorite people in all the world. Add to that the fact that it was where Micah asked me to be his wife and it’s maybe the perfect place.

Before I was even pregnant, I couldn’t wait to bring our kids there to experience the wonder of it. As Lydia seemed to stabilize, it became a priority for us to get there. In the past five or six years, my family has always gone to visit right after Christmas, so it seemed like the perfect time.

So, we made the decision and started to prepare. On the twenty-sixth, we started to get things packed up. Babies need a lot of stuff and Lydia doubly so, but we actually remembered all of it! We got Lydia snuggled into her new car-bed (so she could be lying down), said a prayer and started the five hour drive.

And wouldn’t you know, she did amazingly! We got all the way there and her oxygen was perfect the whole time! We spent Sunday settling in and visiting with Roy and Flo and generally being jubilant that Lydia was in Maine!

Monday, we went to Two Lights State Park, which is right on the ocean. Normally at the end of December, you don’t want to be going to the ocean, let alone bringing a baby, BUT, it was beautiful and warm. We got Lydia into the Baby Bjorn and took her to hear and see the ocean for the first time! To say I was elated would be an understatement.

We headed to Freeport and went out to lunch. We were going to spend some time shopping at the outlets, but we had been gone a while and thought it would be good to get Lydia back home. We went home and relaxed. That’s the great thing about Maine - lots of relaxing!

On Tuesday, we got to do some shopping and Lydia stayed back on the farm with my mom, sister and Roy and Flo. She got good snuggles all around from lots of people who love her.

And then some from Duncan, Roy and Flo's newfie! He just hopped right up on the couch with her. We think he likes her.

Our last day in Maine was spent walking out on the river and taking pictures of Lydia with Roy and Flo. These two Carissa took and are two of my favorite from the trip.

There you have it. A dream come true for me. As with all things regarding Lydia, it was very bittersweet. When we drove away from the farm there may or may not have been snarfling from me, but what else is new? Even though she can't know it or love it like I do, we were so thankful to have her there and to make memories with her in my favorite place.


  1. I am so glad you got to take Lydia to Maine and your special place. Now you will always have those photos and that memory. I grew up in Houlton with Audie and there really is something very special about being in Maine. And there is nothing like the Maine coast-loved the photos taken there. Best wishes for the new year.
    Paula Woodworth

  2. To say that I am happy that you celebrated at this special place would be an understatement. Jen and Micah, I work with Amy at the Hospital. Your family is an inspiration to me and everyone with whom I have shared your story. God bless you all in the New Year and always. May we all learn to live as you do- relishing each other and each and every moment. Helen Racowski, Stratford, CT

  3. I love the picture of the hands. It is so precious! Happy New Year Jen, Micah & Lydia!