Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Update!

Levi is plugging along. All of his IV fluids are off and he doesn't need any more blood sugar tests. He's out of the baby toaster and into a regular crib. Today he was up to three bottle feedings. They might go up to four tomorrow, but they might wait because he won't ever eat quite all he's supposed to before he conks out. Normally it's all but 5ml, and he's really doing better than I thought he would. BUT, he still needs to eat all of his food every time before they're going to release him. It could be in a few days...but it could also be more than that. Please pray that he'll figure it out quickly. We're all ready to come home.

E has gone to court and given up her rights. This happened on Friday and it was a tough day for her. We saw her after and, though our social worker says she's committed to her decision, (and said so to the judge), she's still sad. Today when we saw her it was the same thing. As it gets closer and closer to him being out of the hospital it's becoming more and more real to her.

I remember feeling the same way with Lydia. We knew every day was one day less and we never knew when one day it would be over. There's such great fear in the knowledge that a loss is coming.'s wretched.

I know it's different, but I know E is feeling similarly. And it doesn't matter that we love him and will care for him, just as it doesn't matter that Lydia is whole in heaven with Jesus. The knowledge of the good things our children have attained through our loss doesn't take away the pain of them not being with us any longer. Time lessens it, yes, and I want so much to tell her that, but it doesn't take the pain away. My heart hurts for this mama who loves her little boy but knows that letting him go is the best way to love him and her other boys. I am amazed by her courage. Please pray for her.

Our last prayer request has to do with the birth father. We're hoping that tomorrow a representative from the agency will go and meet with him. Pray that tomorrow they will find him and he will sign the paper the terminates his rights. Because then (even though he won't legally be ours until several months from now) he'll be ours. Because really, in our hearts he's already ours and we'd like to keep it that way.

OK. Pictures!

Holding Levi for the first time!

First time bottle feeding!



So chubby. So sweet.


  1. We are praying for you, Jen! I can't imagine going through what E. is going through. I felt so bad for Jesse's mom...that her greatest sorrow was my greatest joy. But I knew that God was working things out for the good for all of us. I can't wait to you can take little Levi home!!!

  2. He's so absolutely beautiful, I pray for his health, and that the birth father does the right thing, and that the right thing is for you to bring your son home soon. I pray for little Levi's birth mother, that she may find peace in her decision, and that the amazing faith of you and Micah bring her to her own salvation through Christ. And I pray for the baby's grandmothers, because I came close to suffering the loss of one of my own grandchildren to adoption, and my heart was breaking at the very thought.

  3. I got behind on your blog posts and just caught up! How amazing! What a precious baby boy. All that chubbiness! I could just eat him. I am so happy for you both. You are in my prayers as is E and Levi's biological father. I am thrilled for you and for Levi-he could not have gotten better parents. What a fun life he had ahead.

  4. He is just incredibly beautiful! Lots of prayers for everyone who is involved...this is such an important moment in all of your lives and I pray God is lifting you all up, keeping you in His loving hands:)