Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update - August 27

I would really love to tell you that we have nothing but good news to share, but today we don’t have very much. Thankfully, she is regulating her body temperature and is in a regular baby crib now.

Yesterday, she had to go back onto the nasal canula to help her breathe easier. Again, she breathes on her own, she just has to work harder than they would like to see. We’re confident that she’ll be off it soon, it’s just a little step backwards.

She is still not eating much from a bottle, although she seems to be trying very hard. It’s just taking her a while to figure out how to do everything at the same time. Please continue to pray that she can figure things out with her eating.

Yesterday, the doctor ordered an EKG to listen to a murmur he heard in her heart. He said it’s more than likely nothing and the EKG showed no signs of anything problematic. Apparently most babies have heart murmurs and no one knows about them, but because she’s in the hospital they see and pay attention to everything.

The doctor also ordered an ultrasound of her heart, just to check everything and make sure it’s working OK. While her heart is working fine, they did discover that she has a hole in her heart. It was described as moderate in size. If it was large, it would be cause for concern and possibly need to be operated on. As it stands now, she doesn’t need anything like that and the hole won’t get bigger as she grows. It is causing some problems with getting oxygenated blood to where it needs to go, so they will be keeping an eye on her heart to make sure there aren’t any problems. Again, this is apparently quite common and can fix itself, but please pray that her heart would be healed and the hole would close up.

We are really not OK. We know that God has His hand on our sweet girl, we’re just having a difficult time processing all of this and trying to adjust all of what we wanted for her with what it seems her life will be. We believe in a God of miracles and know what He is able to do and would ask that you continue to pray boldly for complete healing, knowing that His will is what we seek above all else.

Thank you for you prayers for strength and healing.


  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to say that we're here for you. I know you have tons of support, but feel free to call if you need to.

  2. Great-Grampa& Gramma know that Lydia has the most wonderful parents in the world and that Lydia will play a strategic role in their lives for God. We love you so very much!

  3. praying, praying, praying! we love you guys!

  4. You and your beautiful little girl are in my thoughts and prayers, Jen. Hang in there.

  5. (((((((((prayers&hugs))))))))))) to your beautiful baby girl and to you and your families.