Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, It's Not All Bad

Contrary to the tirade I just recently posted, even though the days are tough, there are so many beautiful moments in each day we have with our girl. Here are some from the past couple of days.

Snuggles with Aunt Allison who came to visit this weekend!

Lydia and Grandpa Huff had a nice chat.

Then, there's this awesome lady-bug hat that makes me smile every time.

Praise Jesus for beautiful weather these past couple of days! Even though our grass is like needles until it greens back up, Lydia had a nice time napping in the warm sun.

Clearly, she is bored by all the paparazzi.

Yesterday we took a walk with two of my oldest friends and their kids. We spent some fun time playing in the park. Lydia (of course) slept through the whole thing!

This is Sarah with her youngest, Evangeline.

And Emily and her little guy, Jack (who just before this
was having his face wiped off from all the dirt he kept eating).

This is Sarah's older daughter, Adlien. She loved watching the water drift under the bridge and said, "I just want to lay here and watch the water all day..."

And Lydia did some off-roading in her stroller.

The seizures are still pretty bad. We've spoken with the neurologist and will be changing her med levels starting tonight. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all of the encouragement in the form of comments and e-mails and for all of the prayers!


  1. hmmm....i think i spotted a new profile pic for your dad's facebook in this blog! ;) sooo cute!

    praying for you guys!!! and love you lots!

  2. Prayers coming from my family to yours that things get better.