Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunny Day Photo Shoot

Today, Lydia and I had a photo-shoot. The sun was so bright coming through the windows, and Lydia was so awake (and seizure free) for a while, I couldn't resist. I laid the quilt that we designed her nursery around down on the bed in the spare room and opened up the blinds to let the sun light in.

We had some cannula free photos...

Then we put the cannula back on for more effective breathing times. I was amazed at this picture - she was looking right at me.

We held hands for a little while...

And then, she started to get a little sleepy.

She fell asleep in the sun and slept off and on all afternoon. When she was awake, she just stared up at the sky, content as can be. I think she enjoyed the change of scenery.


  1. Ahhh, great pictures. A change in scenery is good, indeed.

  2. These are amazing. She's beautiful and you're brilliant.

    You know what's cool is that I kind of always thought she wasn't going to be super responsive, and then when I visited she moved around to get a better look at me, and she makes eye contact an likes to gaze at things. I'm excited that she's get-to-knowable.

    Also, I would like to show her how we play Heart and Soul. We should get on that the next time I'm around.

  3. oh how sweet. These pictures just melted my heart. What a special moment.

  4. Wow Jen, those photos are beautiful, Lydia looks so happy to be in the sunlight! Such a special moment to capture!

  5. These photos are just so precious. What a special time for the two of you. I am sure this is a day you will always remember. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl with us.

  6. Jen, what beautiful pictures! She's an absolute angel. I've read through your blog a little bit, and wanted to tell you that I'm so glad you're enjoying every moment you have with Lydia. Your love and hope for her is evident. -Megan