Saturday, February 27, 2010

Of Colds and Ear-Aches and a Few Awesome Things

Lydia has had a cold and an ear infection this past week. She had a pretty good fever going at the beginning of the week, but we went to the doctor's office and The World's Most Awesome Pediatrician checked her our and laughed with us when we were excited that she had a normal baby sickness. It's nice to treat a not-normal baby like she's normal.

Lydia spent most of her week in a mostly zonked out state, and when she would wake up, this is what she looked like:

Miserable, right? But we've had some really good snuggle times and some beautifully normal moments. When her fever was high, I worried like a normal mom and put a cool cloth on her forehead and neck to settle her down. Even sick, she's maybe the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

I've been wanting to share for a long time some of the very wonderful things that have been given to us over the past six months. We have been blessed with some truly gifted and thoughtful friends. I couldn't possible put everything in one post, but as I think of it, I want to share some of these lovely things with you all. Here are a few of my favorites to start.

This little statue is called "Guardian."

It was given to me by my good friends Lorna and Olivia. It sits on the corner of my piano, where I walk by it several times every day. I love this little statue for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it reminds me of how I hold Lydia. I hold her high up on my shoulder, on her side, and snuggle our faces together. When she has seizures, I cradle her head in my hand to make sure she doesn't shake too violently. I love the name too - it reminds me that although ultimately it is our Father in heaven who watches and protects her, for the time she's on earth, we are her guardians. Every moment, I'm so thankful for that.

This next one was a wonderful surprise. We received this beautiful water-color portrait called "Lydia's Christmas" from Cady. It happens to be my favorite picture of all of Lydia's Christmas pictures. We got it framed and it now hangs in our living room and will, inevitably, hang in all of our living rooms from now until forever. What an incredible blessing.

Here's a close up of the amazing detail, down to her polka-dot blanket!

Remember all those pictures of that other really cute baby, Molly? Well, Molly's mom Megan is one of the most talented people I have EVER met. She does beautiful portraits. We already had one of our wedding day that Megan made for us in our room. When she and Molly came to visit, she brought this beautiful portrait of our girl with her.

She also wrote a heart-breakingly beautiful poem that sits opposite the portrait. Whenever I show it to anyone, I say, "Only read it if you want to cry." So, I say the same thing to you. Read at your own risk.

It's an acrostic of Lydia's name.

Little girl with polka-dot dresses,
You teach us daily by
Doing what the Savior asks of you;
In words from your Mama's pen, you give us
A deeper understanding of who God is.

Every instant is a gift
In all the ups and downs,
Leaning on a Creator Who knows
Everything you are,
Everything you will be, Who
Never questions His handiwork or timing.

Through deep, dark valleys,
High hills and wilderness,
Onward we travel this journey with you,
Mighty Comforter guiding each step.
Precious, precious little one-
Someday you will see how
Others know Love like they
Never thought they could because you are here.

Thanks, friends!

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