Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night, we had a shin-dig for Lydia's six month birthday and people, be proud of me. I only cried once because I thought the cupcakes came out badly and I forgot to bring things to put the cookies on. But my dad went and got them, and the cupcakes weren't too bad.

Lydia did great during the party. She slept almost the entire time and only had one or two little seizures until the end of her party when she had a bunch and did a lot of screaming. Thankfully, most people had left by then.

It was an amazing night and we had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who came. It meant so much to us to have our girl surrounded by people who love her, even though she slept through everything. It was a wonderful celebration of her life and made me happier than I can say.

Here are some pictures!

Lorna bought this princess hat for the birthday girl!

Aunt Amy got this beautiful birthday sign!

Her party outfit was beautiful and pink (of course!)

We made birthday cookies in the shape of flowers and butterflies. Thanks to Lisa and Fran for helping decorate!

This was my favorite cookie.

Lydia's Great-Aunt Carol got to meet Lydia and hold her for the first time! We were so happy she could come from Florida for the party!

Lydia had lots of friend who were excited to see her! Linnea and her sisters Lexi and Lillian came, and Linnea and Lexi made her beautiful birthday cards!

Adlien and her sister Evangeline came, and Adlien sang Lydia "Feliz Cumpleanos" from Dora!

And we took some silly birthday pictures.

These were the cupcakes. I don't really want to talk about them, but people said they tasted good.

Lydia got some fun/creepy looking balloons from Aunt Amy and a few other very lovely gifts, including her very first Barbie! I loved seeing her crib full of cards and flowers and happy things.

We asked people not to bring gifts for Lydia, although some people broke the rules (which was awesome).

Instead, we asked people to bring books to donate to the organization called Brady's Smile They provide comfort bags (full of books, snacks, etc) for families in the NICU's or PICU's all around CT, NY, NJ, MA, VA and PA. They are also working to start a children's library in a local hospital.

Thank you so much to everyone who brought books (many multiple books!) to help make families in unfortunate situations feel a little more normal by reading books to their kids. If you're interested in donating books, other items, or money to this wonderful organization, check out their website for info.

Yesterday was a day to be thankful for. A day to praise God for. We give Him all the glory for this most wonderful of days.


  1. I know this is HARDLY the point of your entry, but can you hook a sister up with your cookie recipe? I've been searching for the perfect one, and your cookies nailed it.

    The cupcakes were awesome, and your dad is terrific for going back to get your cookie trays.

  2. Pretty cookies for a pretty girl (and what was wrong with the cupcakes - they looked great too!)

  3. looks like you had a really beautiful day xx