Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Utter Ridiculousness

Lydia has a cold. It's the kind of cold where your nose isn't exactly stuffed up but back behind your nose is. We keep trying to suction her nose, then her throat, then her nose, then her throat and she's still so congested. I took her temperature tonight and she had a fever. What did we do? We packed a bag so if we ended up having to go to the hospital, we wouldn't have to worry about it in the middle of the night. Also, I drove to my mother's house to get a humidifier to help get the gross out of her head.

On the way there, I called Monica, our good friend and a nurse at the pediatrician's office. "I just need you to tell me not to panic," is what I said to her. In my head, I recognize that it's probably nothing - just a cold. But with Lydia, you can never tell. She told me it sounded like a cold, that the humidifier was a good idea, the Tylenol we gave was a good idea and I should calm the heck down.

I find it ridiculous because shrieking seizures, I can handle. Baby stopped breathing? Under control. But a FEVER?! WHAT DO I DO ABOUT A FEVER?!

My life is nuts.

Meanwhile, I have derived a strange pleasure in taking care of my baby through this little cold. I have her all propped up in her bed, socks on her feet (over her jammies) to keep her toes extra warm, humidifier on. I took her temp a while a go and it's come down a good amount and she's breathing a ton better. I can't make all of her better, but I can take care of her if she has a cold.

I just went into check on her and felt her forehead with relief when it seemed cooler. I stroked her cheek and kissed her and said a prayer of thanks for this incredibly normal feeling moment.

That said, we'd still love for her not to be sick. Please pray that the cold and fever would pass and not turn into any kind of infection that could cause more problems.


  1. Hope the cold and fever goes away soon! It is so crazy how our version of normal can be so messed up--like having seizures be a part of every day life, yet freak over a fever--I totally understand!!

  2. I think all new moms panic over the first cold!
    Part of being a good mom. Glad all those seizures didn't make you think a cold was no big deal! ; )

  3. I just read your blog and fell in love with your beautiful daughter. Lydia's newborn days brought back memories for me. Our daughter was born early and spent time in the NICU.
    Your family will be in our prayers.