Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lydia's Tomatoes

You might remember the post where Micah and Lydia planted seeds to grow in our garden. The garden has been flourishing and I wanted to share with you a couple pictures of Lydia's tomatoes.

Lydia didn't plant the sunflower, but everyone loves a nice sunflower picture.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my Grandpa Roy. He should be going home from the hospital today. If you would, please pray for his recovery. He'll have more treatment ahead of him after he recovers from surgery, but right now recovery is the goal.


  1. i don't know what happened. i commented but it disappeared. I am so glad that grandpa roy is going home. he is in my thoughts for continued healing. i think lydia's tomatoes are beautiful. she is there with you, in those pictures. in all beautiful things, our children are there.

  2. Lydias tomatoes are beautiful and I am sure delicious Jen! I am so glad to hear about Grandpa Roy, I will continue to pray for healing and you :}