Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today I am thankful for friends and family who help me do hard things. We took down Lydia's room this weekend. We're still in the process of making it into something new, and I will post about it another day.

I'm thankful for a patient husband who will forgive me for snapping at him because he knows I'm not really mad at him, I'm just sad.

I'm thankful for having people in my life who I can ask to pray for me and I know they do.

I'm thankful that our girl got to have a birthday party one year ago today when she turned six months. And for friends who remember why this day means something to us.

I'm thankful for missionary friends in Nepal who remember our girl and wrote her name in the sand on a beach in Thailand.

There are people in the world who remember her and places on the earth that bear her name. For that, I am thankful.