Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adoption Update, June 14

Well, we sent our book down to Oklahoma and it arrived a week ago. I spoke with our social worker today and they haven't heard anything from the birth mother. She hasn't called or been in contact at all since last week.

This can mean several things. It could mean simply that she hasn't made a decision yet. It could mean that her life has been crazy and she hasn't had opportunity to make a decision. Or, it could mean that she has changed her mind about wanting her baby to be adopted.

Jen (our social worker) said that normally the process will not be like this. Normally, they will just send our book and not tell us that anyone is looking at it so we don't have to wait and worry like we're doing now. Since we had our books and needed to over-night them, she needed to tell us something was happening but she hopes to spare us from this kind of insanity again.

She also told us not to spend time thinking about what happened or why she changed her mind, so of course that's exactly what I'm doing.

So, it's not a 'no' but it's starting to seem a less likely. It's OK. It's not awesome, but it's OK.


  1. Praying for God's perfect timing as your life is weaved together with your precious child! And for supernatural patience in the meantime :-)

  2. Ditto what Carlye said :) HUGE Hugs and tons of prayers and loves for everyone involved in this delicate process!!

  3. hether this child is the right one I do not know but praying that the baby I know is waiting for you is in your arms soon.