Monday, June 6, 2011

Adoption Update!

Our background check cleared! We've been waiting since the end of March and now it is done which means we are officially a waiting family! We got the first copy of our profile book last week and have several more ordered.

When our social worker called, she asked if we could send our one book down to an adoption agency in Oklahoma. There's a woman whose baby is due at the end of June/beginning of July and she is looking to have a Christian couple adopt her baby. We have no details about who she is, anything about the baby or how many other couples she is considering.

We know that this is the first time anyone is looking at our book and it's likely that we will not be selected and will have to go through this whole roller-coaster process again. So...we're not getting our hopes up. We're NOT getting our hopes up.

We're getting our hopes up a little.


  1. Praying that the roller coaster ride doesn't have too many lows and that it is a quick ride.

  2. Praying for God to protect your hearts while you wait, for the perfect provision, and for joy in the journey. Not to mention the peace that passes all understanding and all natural ability.

  3. Get your hopes up! Get your hopes up! Yes it is a risk- you might get disappointed-but it is worth it. Don't let the fear stop you from all the good life still waiting to be lived and felt- somewhere out there is a baby-your baby-so get your hopes up. There is nothing better to have your hopes up for!

  4. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner... I did read though... oh wow. This is so awesome for you guys! Even if this one doesn't work out, the hope and the opportunity. Yes prayers are coming your way!!