Monday, November 9, 2009

Cardiology Appointment

Lydia had a cardiology appointment today. I was nervous. We were late and she had red marks on her face from her cannula and she has a little cradle cap that's peeling and in my head I was yelling, "THEY ARE GOING TO THINK YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PARENT." Some of us are a little insane. Mostly me.

We went into the office, and since they had been warned we were coming and shouldn't hang out in a waiting room with lots of sick people, they brought us immediately into the exam room. From there, we were taken to an ultrasound room. I told Lydia about all the times I'd had an ultrasound when she was still in my belly and how long they looked at her heart when she was still inside. She did not enjoy the jelly all over her and squirmed around.

After the ultrasound we took her back to the exam room and they weighed her (8lbs 8oz) and checked her height (23.5 inches). She's growing, which is great for us to see!

The cardiologist came in and gave us the news that the hole in her heart is already starting to heal. They showed us that tissue was already starting to grow over the hole. The doctor said that while the hole would probably never close all the way, it would continue to close until it became a non-issue. She said the chances that Lydia would go into congestive heart-failure were practically zero. We weren't super worried about it, but it was still a possibility and we're happy to no longer have to worry about it.


We stopped in to visit the NICU since we were already there. We saw several of our nurses and all three of the neo-natologists. It was awesome to have them see the little girl that none of us thought would be here this long and to have them say, "She's so big! She looks so good!" and all the things we wanted to hear.

Our God. He is awesome.

Tomorrow is a trip to Yale to get her "button" put in. This whole g-tube thing still really scares me. Please pray for peace and a smooth procedure.

And look! Look how many people are in prayer for our girl! I can't tell you how encouraged we have been to watch those number go up, up, up all day long. If you haven't added yourself to our map, go to it! We're amazed by how we are being interceded for and are so thankful!

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