Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today was so different than I thought it would be. Her g-tube site was bleeding today when we took her in. After eight weeks of no problems, it figures that two days before we had to switch the g-tube to the button, it would look horrible. I was panicky, thinking that it was infected and that they would be astounded that we would let it get so bad and that we would have to stay in the hospital so they could give her anti-biotics. I'm not sure...I think I might be a worrier. Maybe.

We went up to Yale and before we took her for the procedure, we stopped up at the NICU. We saw the wonderful Bruna who was our care manager and got us all set up to bring Lydia home. We also saw Dr. Bizzaro who was the first doctor to see her at Yale. He started the big push to get Lydia home to us quickly. It was great to be able to bring her back to see them! We didn't expect she'd be here long enough to take her to visit. Thank you both (I hope you're reading!) for taking such good care of Lydia and of us!

We brought her down and only waited for a few minutes. Those were enjoyable minutes because they had Babe on the TV. Awesome. Again, I was FREAKING OUT. The physicians assistant came in and took one look at her site and said, "This looks awesome!" I was pleasantly shocked. Apparently, she's seen some pretty nasty stuff.

She pulled out the tube, popped in the button and we were done. It was ridiculously easy. It went perfectly. Here are some pictures!

Here she is sleeping in her car seat, waiting to go in.

Papa keeping an eye on her.

Button in!

Zonked out at home after a long day! Look at the chubby cheeks!

Meanwhile, we also found out she is ticklish! She pulls her legs up and gets a cute look on her face like she maybe wants to laugh. We can't tell for sure, but we think she's happy. Sorry it's sideways.


  1. Oh I'm so glad to hear the button placement went so well and easy! She definitely looks like she LOVES to be tickled!! How cute!! She is just beautiful:O)

  2. What a full day, and such a cute video thank you for sharing! She is just adorable... what a blessing.