Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coffee House

The past two days have been awesome. Lydia hasn’t had any big seizures for the past two days! We’ve gotten braver about going out and bringing her with us, and that’s bringing us great freedom and relief from being in the house all the time. The crazy was starting to set in, so this came at a good time.

Tonight was a wonderful night. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve worked for the past five years at a small Christian school called Christian Heritage School in Trumbull. It’s the school that Micah and I both graduated from. Tonight, a group of students organized a benefit coffee house in honor and support of our family. Several of the students and even some of the faculty came and performed songs and poems. They had a time of prayer for us followed by a time of worship. One of the boys who headed the evening up said they didn’t want to mourn Lydia’s condition, but celebrate her life.

We didn’t get a chance to say thank you - not that I wanted the chance in front of everyone because I would have wept like a small child. So, I’m going to say thank you on the internet.

Boys whose idea this was and who were in charge of orchestrating the evening, Nick and Pete (and anyone else who might have helped that we don’t know about), THANK YOU. Thank you for caring about our family and wanting to do something to help us and for doing it in a way that showcased so many people’s gifts, as well as bringing glory to God. Tag on Geoff and thanks for the beautiful worship tonight. You sang two of our most favorite songs: “In Christ Alone and “Be Thou My Vision.”

I know there were a lot of other people who did a lot of other things like baking, making coffee, setting up, doing sound, recording, taking money and all things like that. Thank you all so, so much. Everything was lovely and so well done.

Thank you to all who performed. We’re sorry we missed some at the beginning, but we are looking forward to watching the video with Lydia here at home! You made us smile and laugh and we’ll take all of that we can get!

Thanks to all the parents as well for coming and helping set things up and for raising such wonderful children that do such kind things for others.

Listen up, all you teenage types - I am thankful for you. I wish I could begin to explain to you what a blessing this evening was for us. I wish there was more that I could say, but please know that we love you so and your love for us makes us stronger and encourages us. Thank you for loving us and our sweet baby girl.

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  1. That is such a sweet thing to do! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and to hear Lydia did well!