Monday, October 12, 2009

Update - October 12

So, remember that last update when I was all, “Lydia’s doing SO well!”? All day yesterday and through the night she was having seizures accompanied by desats. She’s had one every hour for the past twenty four hours. We did not get much sleep last night. It’s hard to know when one of the desats will be the last one and we want to be with her through everything.

In spite of the not good day, we’re going to try to proceed with plans for an open house. It will be held on Thursday, October 15 from 6pm-8pm at my parent’s house. Even though we know it might inhibit several people from coming, we’re asking that if you’re sick you not come. We’re also requesting that no children under the age of twelve come. We’re trying to keep sickness and germs away from her, since any kind of cold would be pretty devastating to her.

We’d also like to ask that no one bring gifts. I know this is terribly contrary to what people do when they come to see a baby, but we really just want to see you and have you meet Lydia - gifts aren’t necessary. And, if we’re being honest, getting gifts for her makes us sad.

We’re hoping a lot of people will come to meet our sweet girl. Like I said in a previous note, we’re amazed how many people love her without even knowing her. All of these plans are contingent on how well she does the next few days, especially Thursday. We’ll update on Thursday and ask that you check to make sure we’re still on.

We’re really excited to give Lydia this opportunity to meet everyone and to have you all meet her. If you have any questions, shoot me or Micah a message or e-mail and we’ll hopefully get everything figured out.

Hope to see you Thursday!


  1. so glad that you have been able to find a way to have an open house. It will be so nice for all your loved ones to get to meet your sweet girl.