Saturday, December 5, 2009

Home Again

Here is what we have learned after this particular stay in the hospital:

1. Hospital roll-away cots are not comfortable to sleep on.

2. Lydia does not enjoy having an IV in her foot.

3. She also does not enjoy being on 2.5 liters of oxygen. She was dried out and whistly and cried a ton all through the night.

4. For a baby like Lydia with a VSD like she has, oxygen saturations of 85 or higher are acceptable, so we don't need to panic like we thought we did.

5. When they say, "We're going to discharge you soon" SOON means three or so hours.

6. God is still watching over us, giving us wisdom and guidance about what to do with our girl. We continue to feel peace that we've made the right decisions for her.

Here's what we need prayer for:

1. That Lydia will be able to get her oxygen stable at a minimum of 85. She's on more oxygen than she has been and her sats are still low. Please pray that as her lungs continue to dry out, the levels will go up.

2. That the medication changes will get and keep her lungs dry.

3. That she'll have good, deep rest tonight. And us too.

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