Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Seizure Cycle

The doctors in the PICU when we had to take Lydia back to the hospital told us that as long as she lives, we will be running a race with Lydia's seizures. Or, more accurately, her medication will be running a race with her seizures.

It seems like just when we start to catch up, the seizures (like the Road Runner in the cartoons) thwart our (apparently, the good stuff is the Coyote in this picture...I need a better metaphor) plans to conquer once again and we end up with an anvil on our heads or falling off a cliff with nothing but a cloud of *POOF* behind us. Yeah. Figure that one out.

We've upped her medication twice already in the past two weeks, but the seizures keep breaking through. Thankfully, they aren't the scary, no-breathing kind but they are full body twitches on a very regular basis - several an hour. They wake her up and make her cry, which is heartbreaking like I can't even tell you.

So, tomorrow we up the medication again. We're creeping up in tiny increments, in hopes that we'll strike a good balance, but it's hard to be patient to see if the medicine will take effect. Please just keep praying that the seizures would stop, but that until they do the Holy Spirit will be close to Lydia, giving her peace during them.

We did have a special treat this week. We got to take Lydia to the pediatrician's office for the first time! Our amazing pediatrician, Dr. S, has been making house calls, but it was finally time to go in and meet everyone else in the office who we've heard so many good things about!

Lydia was measured (which she promptly responded to by screaming at our most awesome nurse and FRIEND Monica) and then she was weighed. She finally broke the nine pound mark, weighing in at 9lb. 1oz. She's in the third percentile for weight, but thankfully, she is dramatically trending upward and this was encouraging to Dr. S.

I would just like to take this moment to say, that our pediatrician's office may be the greatest ever. If you live in the area and are looking for a pediatrician, no better place will be found. I'm just amazed at these men and women who have taken such an interest in Lydia's life, most before they had even met her. And I don't care if it is their JOB to care. I feel, at least in our case and I'm sure in many more, they have exceeded all expectations I've ever had for a doctor's office. I know God brought us to them by His perfect design and I am so thankful.

So, hey, all you at our pediatrician's office (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) - we are so grateful for you! You make running this race against the things that scare us so much easier with your kindness and compassion to our family.

Shameless commercial over. I did take pictures, but again, I have temporarily mis-placed my cord. When I locate it, I'll put them up!

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