Monday, December 7, 2009


This is Nana. Nana is Lydia's great- great-grandmother who lives in the arctic tundra of northern Maine. She is ninety-eight years old and she is amazing. One of the things we really looked forward to before Lydia was born was taking her up to meet Nana. We were hoping to take a five generations picture. Since Lydia isn't going to make a ten hour car ride up and Nana also doesn't travel, it seems like this will be an impossibility BUT here, we have the next best thing! Nana holding a picture of four generations! IT COUNTS! We love you, Nana!


  1. It totally counts! Horray for Nana! She's darling.

  2. Hi Jen...I was just thinking... if you want a picture of the 5 of you together, I'd be happy to do a portrait of the five of you. The magic of portraiture! It makes possible what cameras can not. Let me know!