Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quick (but still somewhat long-winded) update

Here’s just a quick update with a few prayer requests.

This morning before we got to the hospital, we got a call from them. Did you want to talk about the horrible panic that occurs in our house EVERY TIME THE PHONE RINGS? Lydia had a few apnea episodes this morning - apparently nothing long or substantial, just 15-20 seconds each, all showing seizure activity. When we spoke with the doctor, we were informed that despite the horrible seizures she had last week, they never upped the level of her medication. This made us angry. We haven’t gotten an answer as to why, as the doctor who is on this weekend was not the one on last weekend. Since they never changed the dosage, her levels dipped just low enough to cause her to have seizures and stop breathing a little. They gave her another large dosage of the medication and have upped her regular levels.

Her breathing and oxygen levels were up and down this afternoon and we were stressed out from all the staring at the vital signs monitor the whole time we were there. It’s more exhausting than you would think. Thankfully, she didn’t have any more seizures. Tonight when we went to visit her, she was doing a lot better. Her oxygen levels were right where they should be and she was awake and squirmy.

Please pray that they will be able to get her medication levels figured out quickly. We don’t want to have any more episodes like this. We’re thankful that they caught all of the apneas before they got too bad, but the levels need to be worked out before we can bring her home safely.

We also have a date to have the G-tube put in. The doctor said he can perform the surgery without having to move her anywhere, which is wonderful. Tuesday they will run some tests to check that her GI system is all intact. If it is, they are planning to do the surgery on Thursday. Although everyone keeps telling us the surgery is not a huge deal, any abdominal surgery on an infant is kind of a big deal. We’re hoping for a quick recovery time, so that we’ll be able to have her home by early the week of the fourteenth. Please pray for a safe surgery, quick recovery and soon homecoming.

Our God continues to give us strength for each day and with every day, we are more thankful for the beautiful girl He has given us.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray. We know it is making a difference!

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