Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update - September 9

Another fun-filled day for the Thompson family.

After talking with the doctor today, we decided that it would be best for Lydia if we made the move to Yale. There are neo-natal neurologists who will hopefully be able to figure out where to go from here. They can also give us a lot more ideas of other medications she could be on to help control the seizures since the current medication isn’t cutting it anymore. Around 4pm, a transport unit came and put her in a travel isolette (incubator type thing) that costs more than all of our cars put together! We went and saw her up at Yale and she’s settled in well and the nurses are taking good care of her. The doctors left before we got there, so we haven’t met them, but we’ll let you know when we talk to them.

I want to take a slight deviation from the normal blow by blow of the day and tell you instead how God helped us SO much today. It’s such an amazing testimony to the communities we are a part of.

The doctor approached us this morning about moving her to Yale. I was very hesitant because the idea of moving her away from us was difficult for me. We’d begun to prepare ourselves for her coming home soon, and had gotten so comfortable at Bridgeport, the idea of change was upsetting. We had a visit from a mom of former students (a wonderful lady who has become a dear friend) and she happens to be a NICU nurse at another smaller local hospital. Knowing the limitations of smaller hospitals and the benefit of having many specialists to offer care, she recommended the move. So many more people will see her and have the chance to offer input and that will move us closer to a diagnosis, and if not a diagnosis, then at least stability that will allow us to bring her home. After speaking with her, we felt peace and confirmation that moving her is the best thing to do. It was a gift that she was there at that time to offer wisdom in our circumstances.

When we went to sign off on transport papers and to help get everything together to move her, our minister was already at the hospital waiting for us. After they had wheeled her off to the ambulance that costs more than our house, Thad encouraged us by saying change is always hard but in his experience, it’s for the better. It’s hard and stressful, but it will be beneficial in the long run. Again, God brought us support when we needed it as our little girl was taken away.

Then we made the drive to New Haven. I, again being the general basket-case I am, was stressed. New Haven is stressful. Being in a new place with new people we don’t know and who don’t know us and Lydia was really getting me worked up. We parked and walked into the hospital. One of the first people we saw was another parent of a student from school whose daughter was unfortunately in the hospital. She showed us the elevators and was very encouraging. Once we got into the NICU and I was weeping profusely from being utterly overwhelmed by the day in general and the feelings of unfairness that wouldn’t stop washing over me, she came up to visit. Micah, in all his great husband-y wisdom, let her come in and sit with me and what a blessing! We had a little chat and I was so encouraged. She said it first - it was a complete God thing. Of course I would much rather she didn’t have to be there with her daughter, but I’m so thankful that she was.

That God. He knows what He’s doing. We are so blessed to be a part of so many wonderful communities that allow God to work through them.

So here are the prayer requests: her seizures are not controlled and she’s been having difficulty keeping her oxygen levels up. Again, not horrible but not great. Please pray that the neurologist will see her soon and get the medications for her figured out to get the seizures under control. Beyond that, we just want to bring her home. Pray that the doctors will be willing to work with us toward that goal. Diagnosis is important but we don’t want to wait forever to get all the test results back. So whether we have a diagnosis or not, once we get her breathing set and seizures under control, we want to bring her home. Please pray for strength as we now have a much longer drive and more high stress place to deal with. And of course, we still have desire and have faith in complete healing and ask your continued prayer for that as well.

Sorry if this is all discombobulated, but I’m tired tonight. Thank you again for your prayers. We feel you upholding us through the day and are always thankful for you.

Special thanks today to (and for) Sarina, Thad, and Lorna.

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