Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update - September 29

Many of you probably saw our facebook status, so here’s a quick update from Bridgeport Hospital’s PICU!

Lydia had a really good night last night, but starting this morning around 8-ish, she started having some seizures. They weren’t the super-scary, stop breathing kind but she was doing a lot of twitching in her hands, legs and face. We were on the phone with our doctors throughout the day, gave her a little more medication and she was still seizing. Because we know that typically the twitchy seizures lead to the kind where she stops breathing, we decided it would be best to bring her to the hospital.

On the advice of our most awesome pediatrician, we called an ambulance. We didn’t want her to have any episodes in the car, and we really thought that was where we were headed. We called 911 and gathered up a bunch of her stuff. A policeman arrived within two minutes and the EMTs arrived soon after. Wonderfully enough, I knew one of the EMTs who came to get us. It’s amazing how God continues to bless us with reminders that He is present in our situation. As the neighbors all stared, we got into the ambulance - I got strapped to the bed, holding Lydia in my arms. It was my first ambulance ride, but Lydia’s second.

Off we went, flashing lights and all, and arrived at Bridgeport. Since my sister, Amy, works in the pediatric floor, she (along with our Pediatrician) had alerted them that we were coming. We were in the emergency room for all of four minutes so she could be admitted, and were quickly brought upstairs to the PICU, where we have been wonderfully provided since our arrival.

We met again with our doctor who had seen Lydia in the NICU here and at Yale, as well as several other doctors and nurses. They are running a couple tests to check her medication levels and of course, since we’ve arrived, she’s barely had any seizure activity. We still feel confident that we made the right decision in bringing her here. We realized today that just because we CAN give her the support she needs to keep her alive at home doesn’t mean we want to. We want to be parents for her, not paramedics if we can help it.

So, we’re not sure how long we’ll be here. We’re hoping not too long. We’re hoping we’ll get the meds worked out and then we’ll be able to have a little more time with her at home.

What we are so thankful for is the peace God is giving us in the midst of our situation. Every decision we think we have to make seems so big and difficult, but when the time comes to make it, we have such peace. He continues to be very good to us and bless us with wonderful doctors to care for our girl and support us.

Time to snuggle into a comfy hospital bed. We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Jen
    You are in a good place. We will be praying for you all tonight.

  2. Jen I am a good friend of our mother-in-law, and I'm a nurse with the group you mentioned in the 9/27 update, and I want you to know that we are all praying for your baby and your family.