Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update - September 8

Just a quick update for tonight.

This morning the hospital called to tell us that they had to put Lydia back on the nasal cannula. Not a huge deal, but I think they’ve realized that whenever something happens that seems like a step back, they need to tell us, otherwise the crazy lady (me) will burst into tears. They were giving her a little oxygen with the cannula because her oxygen saturation was dropping (like I mentioned yesterday).

She also had the upper GI test today. It was really fun to see pictures of her insides. The doctor who was performing the x-ray was pointing at things on the screen and because she knew this would upset us, the neo-natalogist kept turning around and giving us the thumbs up and mouthing that everything was OK. They said (after preliminary readings) that her system looks good. We’ll hear more when we talk to the doctor tomorrow.

As of right now, she’s still scheduled for her G-tube placement surgery, but one of the doctors told us that we might not need to do it if we could feel comfortable inserting the tiny feeding tube into her nose and mouth (like she has now). One doctor told us this and the other told us last week that we couldn’t bring her home without the G-tube, so they and we still need to make a decision about that.

Thankfully, the doctors have finally verbalized to us their desire to try to get a specific diagnosis for her. They’re making calls to different doctors in different places and doing more blood tests to rule things out. Some of them are scary...so, let’s go ahead and pray against those.

Tonight, they had taken her off the cannula. Her levels drop every now and then, but then they come right back up. She was wide awake tonight too, which was fun and she was CRYING which is great because she almost never cries but it’s also just terribly heartbreaking because she has the saddest little cry. The doctor said she was OK enough to be taken out of the baby toaster and put back into the baby cage and we all know what that means...MORE PICTURES OF CUTE CLOTHES! Sorry people, it’s my happy place right now.

We’ve gotten so many encouraging e-mails and messages these past couple of days and we’re so thankful for all of you. Please keep the prayers coming! Also, please add Germany, Venezuela, and North Africa to the list of around the world praying people. We’re amazed and thankful that God is being glorified in our baby girl.

So hey, not such a quick update. I’m magnificently long winded.

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  1. Jen, Please know that not a single person thinks you're long winded! In fact, quite the contrary, you're incredibly informative with each and every important detail. What a great mom you are!!! I continue to remember all three of you each day in prayer. Cathy Wyatt