Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update - September 15

OK - big things to pray for tonight. Mostly one.

She’s having the G-tube put in tomorrow at 1:30pm! Although it’s a pretty simple surgery comparatively, it’s still abdominal surgery on a tiny baby girl. When we spoke with the doctor yesterday, he told us that the surgeons gave him a date for sometime next week, which he promptly deemed unacceptable and got them to schedule her tomorrow. This is why we like him.

The really big concern for tomorrow has to do with her breathing. They will be putting her on a ventilator for the surgery and they are nervous that since her breathing goes up and down that she might have a difficult time coming off the ventilator once they put her on it. We happen to think that she breathes better than they think (since we’ve seen her with NO breathing help for several days at Bridgeport) but they’re going to be overly cautious with everything they do for her, which we’re thankful for. Please pray that there won’t be any problems when they intubate/extubate her and that she will breathe quickly on her own again.

The other possible complication is the anesthesia they have to give her. Since her liver function isn’t what it ought to be, she might have a slower time processing the meds and that will keep her on the ventilator longer - you get the idea. It’s all connected and we’re praying that God will orchestrate it to His perfection and bring her in and out without any problems.

Good news for today - it was another seizure free day without any breathing episodes. She was awake a lot today and moving all around! They are also getting us ready to bring her home! We met our Care Manager today who helps us get everything set up for bringing her home. She has gotten in touch with all the people who will get the machines to us that she will need and they can teach us how to use them also. We’re working on a “discharge plan” so when she’s ready to go, we’ll be ready for her too. WOOHOO!

We know we ask for your prayers so often and are so thankful for how she is being upheld in prayer. Please, if you think of it, be praying for her tomorrow afternoon.

God is good. If you don’t know, just ask Lydia. We’re pretty sure He hangs out with her a lot.


  1. Jen
    We love the three of you, and will be praying at 1:30 tomorrow...we like your Dr. too!
    Peter & Denise

  2. I will be joining with people all around the world who will be praying for Lydia and for you and Micah tomorrow. She will be in God's hands which is the best place to be. Praying you will get to bring her home soon.

  3. praying for Lydia (and you guys!)...esp. during the surgery today!