Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update - September 16

So here’s something that is not fun: phone calls early in the morning from the hospital.

Last night she had a substantial desat in her oxygen (down in the thirties when it should be in the nineties) and they had to use the bag to get her to breathe again. This resets the clock for seven days without any problems before we can bring her home - so earliest will be next Wednesday.

She showed some seizure activity this morning, so they are upping the new medication level to help control that.

Turns out, it’s pretty rough to watch your tiny baby get wheeled away from you into surgery but thankfully, everything went smoothly and there were no complications. They still have her on a ventilator for a couple reasons. First, they want to see she’s showing signs of breathing on her own and since that won’t happen until the anesthesia wears off (which will take her longer due to her liver function) she’s on it until at least tomorrow. Also, if she shows signs of being in pain or if they think she’s in pain, they’ll give her morphine which will make it difficult for her to breathe, so they aren’t taking chances in removing the ventilator before she’s ready. She was nice and stable and starting to squirm around when we left and we’re hopeful she’ll recover quickly.

It was a pretty crappy day. We’re thankful that surgery happened and that it went well, but she had some really good days all in a row and today, with the oxygen drop and seizure activity, we are sad and discouraged. But as always, God reminds us that He is with her every moment. Today as we were walking out, another mom was sitting with her baby and as we were leaving she got our attention. She told us that when she sits with her baby, she prays for all the other babies in the room (as we very often do). She said she was praying out loud for Lydia and her husband noticed that Lydia had her eyes wide open and was looking at them. When her prayer ended, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. The mom said she could tell that God was clearly with Lydia and that she would continue to pray.

Thank you all so much for praying for Lydia during her surgery. We know it went so well because of all the prayers. We’ll keep you posted as she recovers.

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