Monday, April 5, 2010

A Day at the Zoo!

It was a beautiful day this past Saturday and we made plans to go to the zoo with some of our very good friends (Lydia's godparents) and their girls.

Here Lydia and I are, ready for our stroll through the zoo.

Necessary family picture for Lydia's first trip to the zoo.

Lydia and Evangeline as peacocks!

Eric, Adlien, Micah and Lydia hanging out with the prairie dogs!

Zonked out in the stroller in her rockin' sun hat.

This child is amazing. She knew where everything was in the zoo and couldn't wait to show everything to us and especially to "Baby Lydia." She was a great little tour guide!

Goofy shenanigans with Amy.

Very warm and very sleepy.

Adlien and Eric on the carousel.

Sarah and Evangeline on the carousel.

US on the carousel!

Best friends!

Special thanks to Kristin who is allowing us to borrow this amazing stroller, making it possible to take Lydia to a variety of places without being scrunched up in her car-seat, to Sarah and Eric for letting us use their visitor passes to get into the zoo for free and for just being generally awesome, and to Carissa for taking all of these beautiful pictures!

It was a pretty awesome day.

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  1. Looks like a magical day! :o) Love all the pictures.