Friday, April 9, 2010

Neurologists and Cookie Baking

Lydia's seizures continue to be not very well controlled. Our neurologist, though very helpful and very cautious, is not as pro-active in treating her seizures as we would like. I've been speaking with my friend Jen (Lilly's mom) regarding her medication and have put our doctor in touch with hers. We're also trying to get in to see a different neurologist up at CT Children's Hospital, just to have another set of eyes on her. But, we're not sure yet when that will be. The Atavan has become really hit or miss in its helpfulness. Sometimes it works and she sleeps for hours. Other times (like last night at 1am) we give it to her and it takes two hours to see any results.

It's getting frustrating. We're doing our best to be pro-active and hopefully we'll have some solutions soon. Meanwhile, we plug along and always appreciate your prayers.

Today, Lydia and I baked cookies for a friend's birthday! Well, I did the baking. Lydia supervised.

A little for me...

A little for Lydia...

Some of the finished cookies!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. Amber sent me over here and I'm so happy she did. I have a blog hop trying to raise awareness for some of the lesser known medical conditions and what families go through with them. If you'd ever like to check it out you can come over to The blog hop is every Thursday but the linky is up all the time you just have to find a thursday entry.
    I hope that the doctors can get your daughters seizures under control soon. Have a happy Sunday.

  2. I forgot to say. I'd love a button to put on my Special Families page. If you send me the code for it I'll get it added right away.