Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'd Like to Take This Moment to Say...

THANK YOU to two of my friends, both coincidentally named Amber.

My friend since high-school Amber is the woman responsible for making my blog look so lovely and for keeping the pictures in the header updated. I am mostly technologically impaired. I can type. I can post. That's all I've got. Creating things electronically is not something I am capable of. I send her pictures and she makes everything look beautiful.

Then, my friend since four years ago Amber has made the lovely "Praying for Lydia Eileen" button you see on the side-bar of our page. If you have a blog and are so inclined, you can add it to your blog so people can link over to read about our girl from your page. She just updated it with a new picture, so if you have the old button, you can replace it with this one!

Thank you, Ambers for doing all of the awesome things I cannot! Love you both!


  1. We even connected and coordinated our fonts! Ambers FTW!

  2. And the colors too! I made sure they matched up nicely.
    PS Jen you're awesome and I love how you call her "our girl" it's so sweet, protective and slightly proud sounding all at the same time.