Monday, April 26, 2010

New Neurologist

So, you know what's awesome? New neurologists who are helpful and change medication levels.

Our new neurologist Dr. M proved to be not shy about upping Lydia's medication levels. The one med that we started her on when she made the move to Yale (when she was two weeks old), Keppra, was the one that seemed to help her most at the beginning. Since it doesn't build up in the system the same as the other medication and since there isn't really a cap on how much we can give her, she chose to increase her dose of Keppra. Lydia has been on 1.5ml and today we bumped it up to 2.0ml. Next week we'll go up to 2.5ml and the next week we'll go up to 3.0m. Ultimately, in the next three weeks, we'll be doubling her Keppra. Just so you have an idea, our old neurologist would go up by .1ml. We're going up by .5.

She's also starting Lydia on a new med that's in the Ativan family but she should only need it twice a day as it is longer lasting. We'll still have the Ativan in case she has a seizure cycle that we can't break.

We started the new med and higher level of Keppra at 8pm and so far, no seizures. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks so much for your prayers for our appointment. We're so thankful for this new doctor. Since she's in a hospital, all overnight and weekend there is always someone on call. If we have an emergency, we'll be able to be in touch with a doctor pretty quickly. She also introduced us to the nurses that we would speak to if we called in and a doctor wasn't available. It's just so comforting to know there are people there all the time if we need it.

So, all in all, a good appointment.

Then I just have a quick prayer request. We're a little worried Lydia might have some kind of pneumonia. We started hearing the crackling sound in her lungs late last week and got her on an anti-biotic just in case. Her oxygen dips little low every now and then, but not bad. Would you please pray that the anti-biotics will work quickly and that the congestion in her lungs goes down before it becomes a problem?

Thanks, people. Have I told you lately how thankful we are for you?

It's a lot.


  1. So glad it went well! I was a prayin' fool yesterday- for Lydia and for my sister. I turned my nervous energy in praying/cleaning energy. My floors are now spotless!

    What an answer to prayer. Thanks for the update.

  2. Prayers your way!!!

  3. I'm so glad you found a good doctor you like! And that her apt went well! Sending extra prayers your way for the meds to work well, and the antibiotics. Give Lydia hugs and kisses:)

    hugs for you as well Jenn:)