Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Day

I have always loved Easter. When I was a little girl, it was so wonderful to get all dressed up in a new dress, complete with a white straw hat, white patent leather shoes with matching purse, and (my favorite) white gloves. I loved going to church and piping in to say, "He is risen INDEED!" when it was said to me first. I loved singing at the top of my lungs the beautiful Easter hymn proclaiming Christ's resurrection and the life we now have through Him.

This year, I had a sweet little girl to put in a pretty new dress and an Easter bonnet with white patent leather shoes. The most awesome thing about Lydia's dress is the wonderful woman who bought it for her. Cathy bought me and my sister's a lot of our Easter dresses and I was THRILLED that she wanted to buy Lydia her first Easter dress. She did a darn good job picking it out! She put the little rose buds on the shoes (and my mom put them on the bonnet!).

Thank you Cathy for making Easter in our house a little more beautiful!


  1. So totally beautiful!

    Christ the Lord is risen!


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  3. I especially love the shoes in the forsythia. What a gorgeous girl!

  4. these pics are so gorgeous! love love love! she is such a darling!I love the feet what a great photo!